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Choose from our hand-curated kits that come with everything you need for holiday decorating.


Choose the exact date that you would like to receive your kit.

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Enjoy time with the family decorating, then return when you are done.  


Rental Agreement

Please be sure to read our Rental Agreement as this will always have our most updated information. 

What decor options do I have?

Currently we have Christmas kits to decorate your Christmas tree, but we will be launching Birthday kits, Baby Shower & Bridal Shower kits in   the near future. Stay tuned as we expand our assortment!                                                                                                                                           

Do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping to all orders over $100.      

Is there a return date that I must return my kit by?

Yes, all returns must be initiated & scanned by FedEx by January 10th. When we launch non-seasonal kits, we will disclose what rental windows will be allowed for each style. 

What if I receive a damaged item in my kit?

We want all of our customers to be satisfied with their rentals, so if any items are damaged during the shipping process, we will replace them.

Please follow this link to review our entire damage policy and process. 

What if an item becomes damaged while using my kit?

We understand that accidents happen especially with animals and children, so that is why we cover $50 (retail price) worth of damages per kit. Any items damaged over that threshold are charged during the return process. Since you have already paid the rental price for each item, we only charge the difference in the rental from the retail cost. Please follow this link to review our entire damage policy and process.

What if I want to purchase the kit or items in the kit I’ve rented?

Great! We are so excited you love our kit. When you initiate your return, there will be a prompt asking if you want to keep any or all items. Just choose whichever one you desire, pay the difference in the rental cost from the retail cost, and it’s all yours!

Will items be used when I get them?

This year is our first launch so you will actually be receiving items that have never been used. Our intent in starting a rental service is to ultimately drive down single-use decor items from ending up in the landfill, so future kits will be repurposed.

What if I return my rental late?

If your return rental is passed the date indicated on your invoice, we will charge a fee of $11 per day. After 30 days, this will cover the retail cost, and you will be allowed to keep the entire kit. The $11 per day will be charged weekly as a total of each day charged for that week.